Teacher in the summer #1

So, the summer holiday started on the 21st of July and for the past two and half weeks, I’ve done nothing. I usually call this wasteman season.

Over the past few months, I had noticed that my body was becoming very shapeless.  Actually, it wasn’t becoming shapeless, it was becoming more shapely.  I decided that I really didn’t like it.  My bum was growing ridiculously and my belly was having flab.  That was not how my body should have been in July.  Considering that I had signed up to take part in The London Triathlon, which takes place in August.  However, due to the miserable year I’ve had [that’s another story], I hadn’t been able to train or dedicate any thought time to training for a triathlon. What I did instead was ate from Barry’s kitchen and drank Coke.  I haven’t drank a fizzy drink for years, so I don’t know what possessed me.

Anyway, the summer had begun and I decided that there were a lot of things I couldn’t control this year.  However, getting my body in gear was something I could control.  I started lifting some weights at home and doing small stomach exercises. I stopped eating rubbish food and stuck to drinking only water.

I measured myself and told myself that I’d check in the next week to see progress.

I have a friend who tends to send me pictures of himself after he has finished a HIIT session.  As time went on, I saw a change in his body…it seemed more lean.  He recommended The Body Coach, so on Sunday night I measured myself again and there actually wasn’t any difference. A week had passed and I didn’t see any change. It made me sad and made me think that maybe this isn’t something I could control…or maybe I was doing something wrong or being too impatient.  So I looked up this Body Coach and did one of his sessions. He motivated me!

I took myself to the gym yesterday and actually stayed in there for an hour, I have never been in a gym for that long and worked.  I followed that with swimming.  The aim was to stay in the pool for an hour but there were too many kids in there. Although they were not in my lane, I could hear them and it was annoying. I did two laps up and down and then left.  I still have a lot of work to do, in terms of my technique.  When I do breast stroke, my arms kill and when I do front crawl, the water gets in my nose, which also kills.  I need to establish a way to do both without these things being an issue.  Funny thing is, I don’t get out of breath while swimming.

I’ve decided not to measure myself again until the end of August because I feel that if I measure myself and see no difference, it’d demotivate me.

During term time, I look forward to the summer holidays coming but once it comes, I become very bored.  There is nothing to do and nobody to do it with and because I live so far out, it makes things even harder.  So I guess what I do look forward to is being able to wake up to go to sleep, being able to go to the doctors, being able to make phonecalls to *insert company name* without being disturbed by a boy walking into my classroom asking for a plaster.

I went to Chelmsford for a shape-up last week.  I relaxed my hair and got it trimmed.  Pointless!  First of all, I don’t like what the barber did with my hair and because I have been working out, it sweats and I can’t even be bothered to explain the stress. I have considered getting braids because it’s low maintenance but I don’t have hair at the back and sides (due to my hairstyle), so I won’t get the desired effect and also, I stopped wearing braids to stop the strain on my hair.  I did consider a weave but I don’t like it.  So a pixie is what I will stick with.  It’s a lot of maintenance but oh well.  I’m 1/50 – not many ladies have a pixie, so it’s nice to look different.

I’ve just rambled, there is no rhyme or reason to this posting but it was fun to do and I will probably do another one tomorrow.



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