Teacher in the summer #2

It’s 7.25am and I am awake.  Why am I awake so early in the school holidays?

Anyway, last night – no, the night before last – I was about to do one HIIT session and then I started to think about having to wrap my hair again and the thought of it began to drain me.  So I decided that I was going to forget it with the pixie.  Yeah, it’s striking, it’s different etc. but I just can’t keep up with it.  I also started thinking about the fact that, with a pixie, unless my hair is done, my hair looks trampy.  Which means that if I wanted to pop to the shop, I was going to look trampy and it also meant that I can’t have an impromptu meeting.  It was LONG!

I started to think of what I was going to do with it.  I don’t live near any black hair shops, so I couldn’t just go out and buy some hair.  I was thinking of doing crochet braids, where the hair looks like it’s braided.  However, I had no pre-braided hair in my house and not only is the closest place, probably, Barking but it was after hours and when I get an idea into my head, I need to do it right then…or I won’t do it at all.  I remembered that I have a big black bag full of Xpressions hair, so I decided that I was going to pre-braid the hair myself.  I knew it was going to take long but I had the time.

I slept at 4am that morning and the hair still wasn’t braided.  So when I woke up the following morning, I finished it off.  I cornrowed my hair and then crocheted the braids into my hair.  The whole process took 24 hours!  A WHOLE DAY.  I knew it’d take a while because I hardly rushed it – I took very long breaks in between.

As a result of doing my hair, I didn’t do a HIIT session. So the plan is to go gym today.  I do look forward to being able to go and not worry about my hair being ruined because of the sweat.

I’ll be back here later today or tomorrow with an update.  We’ll see if I made it into the gym…

I like the idea of popping out and flinging my hair into an elastic band. I don’t have to worry about my hair being done because it’s already done.  I think I might stick with braids for a while…but knowing me, I don’t know.  I can’t make up my mind when it comes to what I want to do with my hair.  What I’m thinking now is to keep in the braids for about a year and then start locs. Time will tell. Although I do doubt the pixie will come back – I just can’t keep up at all.


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