Wow! I was supposed to be back the following day but I came back after two months.  

I can say that I didn’t go to the gym and I can also say that I’ve eaten a pile of junk for the past few months. So much fat has been added to my stomach, I can’t even begin to think about trying to get rid.  

The braids are still in.  I really do regret relaxing my hair this year.  Of course my hair is growing but it’s nowhere near as long as it should…could be.  

This hairstyle only took two hours.  Two hours!  Unlike Xpressions, it didn’t need to be cut, picked and then dipped into hot water.  And it’s tons lighter.  I did have my hair like this a few years back but I must have forgotten how convenient it is.   This will be my go-to hairstyle from now.   I only bought 6 packets and fortunately, I had some strands left over from a few years back.  Next time I’ll buy 8 packets because Rabia, the braider, had to improvise.  

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