New Year

I’m really not good at this blogging thing am I? The last time I wrote anything was in November. 

So what’s happened since then?

I applied for a Diverse Leaders course and was accepted. I was quite pleased because for as long as I’ve been teaching, ive never applied nor attended this type of course. So it was nice being accepted the first time.  

I also woke up on Christmas morning and decided that I wasn’t enjoying dragging my feet. I always told myself I was happy being stagnant…I never described it as being stagnant – I had many descriptions for it. But I was stagnant.  I dis the same thing; wake up, drive to work while listening to LBC, tell my form class to wear their lanyards and take off their jackets, tell the boys to stop talking so that I could impart some wisdom, drive home while listening to LBC, eat and go to sleep. 

Due to my non-exciting lifestyle, I decided I needed to set myself a goal. I did intend to sign up for The Marathon but it was full, so I went for The Triathlon. I signed up last year but due the year I had, I didn’t train nor take part.  I am determined this year.  I found myself a kickboxing class and attended a trial session – which I loved – so I signed up.  

Anyway, the Diverse Leaders course began yesterday and it was excellent.  It was nice being surrounded by teachers who fit my profile and therefore experience the same things I do. There was a headteacher who spoke, Paul Mundy-Castle, and while he was speaking all I could think was, “I want him to be my headteacher.” The course was empowering and inspired my Year 9 Media lesson. 

Rather than start a basic Magazine unit, I decided to make it interesting by teaching Ideology. I started with the ideology of female beauty.  They seemed enlightened and shocked.  My aim is to open their eyes. I want them to begin to question things rather than accept the ideas passed on by the dominant class. I want them to have their own ideas rather than being had by ideologies. 

Not much more to say…mainly because I’m tired and I’m sure this blog makes no sense.  However, yesterday’s induction to the course showed me that I shouldn’t have to compromise myself in order to be confident in what I do.  

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