Still trying to Tri

Another blog post. It’s only been a day. I’m quite surprised myself.

Anyway, as I mentioned before, I entered The London Triathlon.  I told myself that I’d do small bits of training until the weather becomes nicer and then I’d do more.

The plan was to do quite a bit of cycling. However, having spoken to several people – people who are into cycling – I’ve been told that the bike I have isn’t quite good enough.  Yeah it’s pretty but it won’t do the job.  I must say that even before those conversations, I knew that the bike wasn’t that great.  It’s heavy and slow.  I tend to ride it quite a bit during the summer holidays but the (lack of) speed and hassle to get (the heavy metal) out of my building means I don’t go as much as I’d like.

I do like cycling. It’s very thrapeutic.  When I’m riding along with the wind blowing through my…braids, (does wind blow through braids?) I feel at peace!  When I was in Amsterdam, it’s all I wanted to do. My travel buddy was content with the coffee shops, while I felt claustrophobic and wanted to get out on a bike. On the final day, of my visit, I hired a bike and had the best time. The only downside was that the time ran out and I had to give the bike back.  Cycling in Amsterdam was enough to make me want to live there.

During my time off work, I’ve been looking a lot more into cycling and realised that a decent bike costs at least £500!

However, somebody enlightened me to the Cycle to Work Scheme and I felt somewhat relieved. This was a hobby that I could actually afford.  So now the plan is to find a bike, purchase it…through the scheme and develop this, kind of, newly found hobby.

One thing I am struggling with is finding the motivation to get out there and train. But social media is a wonderful thing.  I found a few Training Days, which I hope to sign up with and attend. I’ve also seen a few trips where people go cycling together. I’m definitely interested!

So let’s get looking for a decent bike.  Let’s get motivated to get on them training days. Let’s go!

Off topic but I’ve had to wear my glasses a lot more over the past few months.

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