I had planned to blog on my birthday, which was Wednesday, but it wasn’t possible.

I went back to work on Monday and I was reminded how busy my days were. I wake up at 5am; leave the house at 6; get in at 8; teach until 4 (5 some days); and I don’t get home until 7-8pm.   By the time I get home, I’m too tired to do anything. Although this week was slightly different. I didn’t get home until 11pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Due to a mixture of things: house shopping; getting my nails done, which I haven’t done in years and absolutely hate; getting my hair done and dinner on my birthday.

Speaking of my birthday, it was nice.   The boys are really sweet. I received a few presents from them. It seems that the news of it being my birthday spread across the school. I had boys, whom I’d never seen before saying, “Happy Birthday, Ms Ogundele.” It was really nice. 

I also received a Facebook message from a student I  taught in 2011-2012, while he was in Year 9.  It made this teaching thing feel so worth it. 

A friend took me to Turtle Bay for dinner. That was really nice of her and it was much appreciated.

I remember when I was younger.  I used to fill social media with my birthday countdown. Then on the day, I’d fill it even more with birthday antics. This year, I barely did anything. I did take a ‘last-picture-as-a-34-year-old’ selfie but that was about it.   I’ve become boring in my old(er) age.

Anyway, on Thursday, I had an earache in my right ear.  It blocked up and I had a sore throat.  “Here we go again!” I thought whilst driving home and finding it difficult to hear Iain Dale’s voice on LBC.  It completely blocked up when I was trying to sleep but funnily enough, it opened up in the morning. I went to a pharmacy for ear drops and explained the situation. They said that after having Bronchitis, your passages may become blocked with the fluid as it’s trying to escape – and as the ears, nose and throat are all connected – they all become blocked. They gave me some Olbas oil and said to inhale it. Which I’m yet to do and really should do as soon as possible because my ear is blocked right now.

I have a slight dilemma.  I’m supposed to go on a course on Tuesday.  However, Tuesday is when I have my Year 11 Media class.  The coursework deadline is looming and we have missed many Media lessons due to a range of things. So I’m not sure if I should put off going on the course so that I could stay in school for my Media boys. The course is beneficial too hence my confusion.  I’ll have to mull over it on the weekend and make up my mind on Monday evening.

I really don’t have much more to write so I’m going to leave.

Last selfie as a 34-year-old

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