Easter break

I left my school suitcase at school.  Out of principle, I decided not to buy a new one and bought a holdall instead.  Huge mistake!  It was heavy.

When I travel for a few days, I usually drive to the airport and park in the long stay car park. However, due to departing from Luton and arriving at Gatwick, I had to take a range of transport.  I drove to Canning Town; took the tube and then the train. There was so much walking involved and I knew the holdall was one of the silliest mistakes I’d made.

After all the walking, the waiting etc. I was on the plane for 40 minutes. I forgot how quick the flight to Amsterdam was and I did end up feeling slightly unfulfilled. Have you ever spent ages cooking food – marinating the chicken, boiling the chicken, blending the stew ingredients and all that other stuff and then when you eat it, it’s takes 10 minutes? That is probably one of the most unfulfilling feelings ever. That’s how an Amsterdam flight feels. Next time I’ll get Eurostar.

I didn’t stay in Amsterdam, I stayed in a small place called Alkmaar. That meant that I travelled around The Netherlands, which I found exciting.

I now have just a few days to get some school  work done. I tried to make this a holiday where I didn’t think about work. However, when you’re a teacher, that’s quite impossible. There are only a few weeks left before the final Media Studies coursework deadline. I can’t believe it’s so close. I feel nervous!

Next weekend will be a busy week for me. Head down marking all those folders.

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