The end is nigh…

This time next week, the current Year 11 Media cohort will be a thing of the past. 

This time last week I was feeling the relief of handing in the coursework sample. Although, the week before last, sleep was a foreign concept. 

With all the nagging and bugging I did, my boys still left everything until the last minute. Which meant that I spent the week JUST before deadline, marking coursework folders and holding a numerous amount of intervention sessions.  I can safely say the week commencing 02/05/17 (not including the Bank Holiday Monday) was my toughest week thus far. 

I already have an extremely heavy timetable for a Subject Leader…no sorry, Strand Leader. So with my heavy timetable and my loooooong drive and the added coursework marking, I was done!

There was a night where I stayed in school until 7:30pm having eaten nothing for lunch, as I worked through it. However, the silver lining was that there’d be no traffic because it was late.  Untrue!  Well, not really untrue. I got onto the A13, which was closed due to a collision. I was sat there for hours. I cried!  I didn’t arrive home until 11:30pm. I woke up the following day at 5am for a two hour drive. I wondered if teaching was worth it. Why was I losing sleep for students who barely and rarely show gratitude?  This leads me onto my next thought. 

As a Media Studies teacher, we often talk about Audience, as it’s one of the key concepts. Whenever the students are analysing a product or planning to create a product, we need to devise an audience profile. While doing this, we discuss the different groups and social class. Each time we do this, I consider the class in which I belong. According to the group, I’m middle class however, I was born working class. 

One of the reasons I decided to teach was to show working class children that we can ‘make it’.  However, although I was born middle class, my interests aren’t…anymore. If there is even such thing as working class interests. 

Sometimes I feel like I’m being a hypocrite because as much as I say that I want to teach in an Inner City London school so that I could relate to the children. I doubt I’d ever want to live in the inner city, even though I grew up there. Have I turned my back in myself? Have I become a snob just because I have a few letters after my name and help students become closer to also having letters after their name?

3 thoughts on “The end is nigh…

  1. Loved it!! Insightful and thought provoking. There are so many misconceptions about teaching, the school holidays and the pressures teachers face and it was interesting ‘being in your shoes’. Wellbeing, sacrifice, moral purpose, motivation, role model, inspiration, dedication, commitment, values, connected, challenge and selfless are all the things that have come to mind reading this. Thank you for sharing.x


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