Why me?

    I don’t really like to open up about really personal things. When there is an issue, I keep it to myself or tell people that are close to me. Today I’m going to break the mould because I think it’s something that should be spoken about. 

    In January 2016 a boy from my Media Studies class was aggressive towards me. He squared up to me and was very threatening. Luckily it was towards the end of the lesson, at the end of the day.  I reported the incident. 

    The following day, I noticed that the boy in question hadn’t been reprimanded.  Instead, he and his classmates were writing statements about their version of events. He received minimal punishment. Days later, I received an email informing me that I was being investigated and could sit in a disciplinary hearing. 

    I had my investigation meeting and based on the questions asked, things didn’t look good for me. 

    A few weeks later, I received an email saying I was to have a disciplinary hearing for gross misconduct. 

    How strange!  I reported an incident, but I was being punished.  It made me very wary of reporting things.  Who would have thought it’d turn around on me?

    The most confusing thing was that I was being accused of a number of things but was still teaching the class with no support. Bearing in mind, I had previously sought support based on the behaviour and challenges of the class. 

    If I was such a threat, why was I still allowed in the classroom alone?

    Anyway, I received a first written warning for gross misconduct.  It stays on your file for 12 months. 

    Two weeks ago I was offered a job elsewhere. It was a conditional offer based on my references. As 12 months had passed, I thought I was okay. On Friday, the last day of term, my offer was withdrawn due to one of my references being unsatisfactory – first written warning for gross misconduct. 

    Friday. The last day of term. The last day of resignation. What can I do now? 

    The timing is all bad. No other job will take me on because of my written warning and even if there is a job, it’ll be one that’ll leave me feeling depressed, as I can only imagine that it’ll be a job nobody else wants. 

    Seeing as I’ve already resigned, I can’t even stay at my current school. The only way is if I retract my resignation and the head agrees, which I highly doubt. 

    Right now I feel really despondent. I am very passionate about teaching and would do anything for the students I teach. And due to a student acting out of anger and therefore fabricating a story, I am on the verge of being unemployed in September. 

    My Media Studies class and I are very close. I’ve taught them since Year 9. They just sat their final exam on Tuesday. 

    Due to our close relationship, they’ve admitted on several occasions that they fabricated the incident because they were ‘backing’ their friend and wanted to get me into trouble – because I gave them negative points that week. They have apologised and offered to tell the head the truth. I have told them not to bother because, as far as I was aware, I had served the 12 months. I had no idea, it’d still be declared. 

    Although, I found out that the new school asked for any hearings within the last three years. I wish I had known before handing in my resignation. 

    What am I to do now?  I can’t be unemployed!


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